“Find people who jog your brain, rustle up your imagination, and generally delight you.” - Piper Weiss


One thing no-one tells you about starting your own business is how lonely it can get. Your friends and family, whilst supportive and encouraging, don’t always “get it” and some days you miss those ‘water cooler’ chats. That’s why we believe it’s important to find others you can collaborate with, bounce around ideas with and generally share the highs & lows of small business with.

Whilst our membership is the primary way we work with local, independent businesses, we recognise that it may not suit your business right now and that shouldn’t exclude you from finding your community.

So that’s where our Business Co-mmunity comes in.

Networking Events
We run regular networking events, in a variety of local locations, for business owners to come together. These events are informal & collaborative; with absolutely no elevator pitches! Events are open to everyone, though our members get first access to booking.

Business Workshops
Running a small business can be hard when you need to know all the things! That’s why we host regular Business Masterclasses with experts to help give you the knowledge & confidence to make your business thrive. Events are open to everyone, though our members get first access to booking.

Facebook Group
Our Business Co-mmunity Facebook group is open to any small, independent business owners in Herts, Beds & Bucks. Come and join us to meet & collaborate with other business owners, ask for recommendations and seek advice.

If you are interested in speaking at a future networking event, running your own workshop or have the perfect venue for an event then please get in touch.