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It will be five years in October since I started The Buzz Hub Co. – originally a blog based in Tring about local businesses. If you’ve been with me for a while (I’m so grateful every day for the familiar faces I see and connect with on Instagram), you will know that the blog started as part of my social media training that I undertook as a way to leave my commute and corporate life behind. In the end it took 4 years and a pandemic to finally say goodbye to my corporate life and move away from running businesses as side hustles and, in the place of PAYE, I’ve seen some rather radical personal and business change.

Uncovering us – my story from corporate to Coaching


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I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions – partly because they lend themselves too easily to being broken but mostly I hate routine so the idea of imposing rules on yourself routinely is a big no for me.  That said I have vowed to give up caffeine this year, so I guess sometimes you’ve […]

My 2018 – Katie Margetts from Roots Therapies


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