“People don’t buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.”


We believe in the power of community and the power, we all have, to shape our high streets and wider commerce. Whilst the world has grown big and with it the ability to connect to large scale businesses for convenience and mass production, there is something magical about the variety and individuality of businesses right on our doorstep.

Is it that supermarkets or chain businesses are bad? In our opinion, no (mostly). They have an important role to play, our economy is complex and relies on many levels & roles within it to function. However, the area that we are excited about and will continue to fly the flag for is – our brilliant independents.

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We love independents for the variety, colour, creativity and entrepreneurialism. More than that, through the power of social media & beyond, we are able to get to know the real people behind the business, their stories, their hopes & their dreams. This allows us to connect with them and join their journey; making the experience of buying from them so much more than a one click purchase.

Is it just about shopping? Absolutely not! #SHOPLOCAL is so much more than buying goods and shopping on your high streets. We believe it’s a way of life; it's who you choose for your hair cut, fitness class, financial advice, kids tutoring, baby classes, business support, and a whole lot more. And starts with getting to know the wonderful businesses, and the people behind them, in your local area.

We do, though, understand that in this busy modern world the convenience of big brands is attractive, and with so many demands on our time it can be difficult to take the time out to shop and source in the way we might like. That’s where we come in.

We want to encourage you to shop “consciously”; to support the makers, creators, entrepreneurs on your doorstep that will support our whole community & economy. We’re here to make it as easy as possible by providing you with our #SHOPLOCAL Directory that introduces you to some incredible local businesses in the Herts, Beds & Bucks area. Plus we fill our blog with content that we hope inspires you and shows you just how beautiful our local independents are.

We can all make a difference and we wholeheartedly believe that if you source consciously and source local; local businesses become part of your community and life can be a much richer place.

our ethos

The Buzz Hub Co. was originally founded by Business Coach Katy Murray and photographer & web designer Matthew Bishop. They built it from a home town blog celebrating the creativity and entrepreneuralism of local business people to a space to help the community find everything they need locally online.

In early 2022, due to other priorities and commitments they decided to close the business. However having worked with The Buzz Hub Co previously Corinne Wallington was keen to keep it going and decided to take it on.

Corinne is a local Social Media Consultant, passionate about local, independent business. She loves understanding the story behind the story, knows the dedication & individuality an independent business can bring and, being a small business owner herself, understands the importance of finding your community.

The mission for The Buzz Hub Co is to build a community that supports, promotes and encourages local independent businesses’ to thrive. By inspiring people to #shoplocal, making it easy to source local goods & services online, and by bringing together local businesses to connect & collaborate.