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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer

People are increasingly seeking help from interior designers to improve their homes. Perhaps you’re wondering what value an interior designer can bring to your home project, or maybe you’ve never even considered it! In this guest blog, Rebecca from Weave Interiors, explains seven reasons why you should hire an interior designer.

Interior design is a diverse offering, from traditional high-end designs to smaller changes in a single room. There are interior designers to match every project. 

They can help with many aspects, from space planning, colour schemes and furniture layouts, to bespoke joinery designs, flooring, window coverings, soft furnishings and lighting.

So why should you hire one?


Typically, home improvement projects must fit between work, school runs, the weekly shop and social gatherings. It’s no surprise that people find it stressful.

With a building project, a vast number of decisions need to be made; both on a budget and in a time sensitive nature. Interior designers can really prove their worth here. No one wants to make expensive mistakes and instead want to save money, stress and time. Designers work with their clients to pre-empt the decisions, so they’re deliberate and timely, rather than a rush purchase that’s the result of something being needed now. They can manage the project timeline and even project manage the build entirely for you.

Steve and Kristin were new to building work and took the bold move to build their own house, they employed me to primarily help with the bathrooms, but also advise on a few other areas. 

“Rebecca went out of her way to source materials, samples and suppliers to bring the design options to life, saving us time, stress and no doubt all the money we would have wasted following fruitless leads and then drowning in options.”

In short, whether it’s a large or small project, an interior designer will give you help so that you can enjoy the process, confident in the knowledge that you’re making good decisions towards a well-considered design, rather than firefighting and finding the process overwhelming.

Careful planning of this area took it from building site to a family friendly  open plan living space


Theoretically, it’s easier these days to design your home. The reality though, is that choice often comes hand in hand with indecision. Our feeds are flooded with gorgeous inspiring images- but these pictures don’t take account of your personality, what you already own, the way you live in your home or budget. Creating your ideal space isn’t as simple as transferring a Pinterest image into your home. It must meet your needs for it to be a space that you love.

My clients wanted a boutique hotel feeling in this bedroom. (First pic -Before, Second pic – after)

A designer will help you to define your style, dig into how you live, or want to live, in your home. For example, is entertaining important to you? Do you kids do their homework at the kitchen table? How many people buzz about the kitchen at breakfast time? We all live differently and the functionality of a design reflecting the way you live is crucial.

Expensive paint, a high-end sofa and minimal storage might be ideal for a child free couple, but a young family need robust but equally beautiful design, that can be switched from toy filled chaos to an adult relaxing or entertaining space, with as much ease as possible. 

With three small children, this family wanted to reach the maximum potential for their open plan space. The lack of storage needed to be addressed and we designed a partition to create a TV snug. They love entertaining and music, so an area for the decks was incorporated with further storage.

BEFORE – first: what became the snug area. Second & third: open plan living and entertaining space

Employed early enough in a building project, an interior designer will make sure that you have the right plug sockets near your desk, or a light for reading strategically placed; rather than a spotlight shining overhead as you watch TV or an unsightly wire stretching to your printer. 

It’s your one opportunity to meet your needs as well as you possibly can in your home, to make it the sanctuary we all want. So it’s important to get it right and an interior designer, with their knowledge, foresight and meticulous attention to detail, will help.

With my clients, and like several designers I know, the first thing we complete is a questionnaire and call. We discuss likes and dislikes and before we dive into how they live, we begin with how they want to feel and use their space, and then we can look into what they love. It’s a fun and interesting process for both parties.


An important aspect of an interior designer’s role is to consider ideas that you had perhaps not thought of and to offer unexpected suggestions. 

With a very large house build on their hands, Paul and Ali had a lot of different rooms to complete and decisions to make. Working with Weave Interiors eased the burden and helped them step out of their comfort zone.

“We made some amazing bold decisions, with wallpapers, wall colours and bathrooms, whilst making sure other areas were calm and tranquil. Honestly, our house is stunning, so many people comment on its style and feel.”

Working day in and day out on projects, they are skilled in mixing textures, patterns and fabrics, knowing which paints complement each other and how to use- for example- lighting, to excellent effect, considering wall lights, ceiling pendants or task lighting in the kitchen and thinking ahead to how a badly positioned spotlight will lead to your shadow blocking the light as you prepare your dinner. Designers know how to bring in gentle lower-level lighting for cosy winter evenings in front of the TV or they will help you to light your bathroom best for both practical needs as well a relaxing soak in the bath. 

Got an awkward space that you struggle to make work? An interior designer is bound to know how to solve it with some clever bespoke furniture or a fresh idea for the layout.

This bathroom needed a small bath. It also has a light for reading, as well as spotlights for the shower and flattering lights either side of the mirror.


Whilst, of course, there is a price tag when you hire an Interior Designer, they can help you save money in ways that are perhaps less obvious. They help you avoid costly mistakes by making informed decisions about materials, furniture choices and design elements that will stand the test of time. Designers also have the skill to mix new items with old and can help you use what you already have & love and blend those pieces with your new design.

Interior Designers source home furnishings day in and day out, so their knowledge of the market is broad. They know where to look and which companies in the different price brackets sell quality products and will work to the budget you set for these. They will find the right items for the desired look, with an attention to shape and texture, and the eye to style it. Designers often also have access to trade discounts that can save significant amounts of money.

Another area where an interior designer with prove their worth, is helping you know when to compromise. Rarely do people have a bottomless fund. A designer will guide you on where it is worth spending, they know where alternatives can be found and can even help couples find common ground and compromise when their tastes differ. Your interior designer will become your project ally, give you confidence and be a trusted sounding board. Whether you are working alone, or you are part of a couple where one has more interest or time for the project, having someone else who knows the project is invaluable.

Ally and Dom needed a new look for their living room and their bedroom, they knew what they liked and wanted, but didn’t know how to pull it together.

“Neither of us felt like we had the time or the creativity to know what to do. We were nervous about going with an interior designer, but it has made the process so much easier.”

A skilled designer will help you weed out the fads and trends to find your style. The result is then a look that is true to you, that you are confident with and that you will love. Therefore, making it a more timeless design for you that will last longer than a passing trend.

‘Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.’ – Billy Baldwin


Reliable contractors, skilled joiners, excellent electricians and superb decorators can be hard to find. Interior designers have a team of trusted tradespeople and suppliers with whom they work regularly and can potentially also get trade discounts from. It can be challenging to find the right tradespeople, they are in very high demand and access to your designer’s little black book of trades can alleviate concern over finding the right people and products, as well as save you time searching. The relationship that your designer has built with them can also mean that they are willing to fit your job in sooner and you can feel reassured that your designer is confident that they will do the job well.

First – before, second – after. Bespoke carpentry made all the difference to the storage in this compact room. An interior designer can put you in touch with trusted trades people and design the storage too.


Whilst you may not plan to move any time soon, a well-designed space adds value to your property. An interior designer understands the market trends and can suggest choices that increase the resale value of your home. They have the skill to create visually appealing interiors that attract potential buyers or tenants.


Life is busy and it’s all too easy to not quite finish your project. Having ticked off the larger jobs, the finishing touches can easily get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, but the styling is where the final magic happens. They are the part where your home comes to life and it really becomes your space and a place that you love to be in.

An interior designer can give you a full list of the items to purchase and help you to style them, making it quick and simple to finish.

So,would you hire an Interior Designer?

We expect and need a lot from our homes, hopefully this has helped you to see the value that an interior designer can bring.

I love the diversity of my projects. I work with clients looking for a colour refresh in a room, or a simple update or styling, taking as little as a few hours, to ambitious full build projects and extensions that run for months.

If you need help, please get in touch without obligation, and we can discuss your project. You can find me on Instagram @the_old_weaving_factory or get in touch via my website www.weaveinteriors.co.uk or email: rebecca@weaveinteriors.co.uk

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