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Easter Table Styling – Bringing Spring Inside!

Easter table styling

In this guest blog Susanna from Boom Event Planners shares with us how she’s bringing Spring inside and styling her Easter table…

There is nothing I enjoy more than creating a beautiful table full of flowers to celebrate with family and friends. With Easter coming up this weekend I wanted to share with you the table I have created and process of pulling everything together ….

What I used for my Easter table

  • Tablecloth – my preference would be something bright and cheerful for a Spring table, I am using a blue tie dye cloth, one of my lockdown experiments!
  • Jute Placemats from Borough Kitchen
  • A selection of glass bud vases – something I am always collecting, try to find different shapes, colours and textures.
  • Flowers 2 bunches of narcissi, 1 bunch tulips, hyacinths (for napkin rings) Spring flowers from the garden including hellebores, cowslips, anemones, muscari, mint, magnolia stellata.
  • Grey Napkins from Designers Guild
  • Candles – seagreen & rose from Home & Colonial
  • Speckled Chocolate Mini Eggs from Divine
  • Florists Wire & Wire Cutters

Arranging flowers

Add a few stems to each vase, mix it up a bit so you may only have one stem in a couple of vases. Vary the heights of the stems, you are trying to mimic nature so think about how the flowers grow in the garden to bring a natural feel to your display.
I added 3 small terracotta pots with mascara bulbs in and covered the base with a little moss, you could do this with any small spring bulbs.
I also used a small sugar bowl with a flower frog inside to arrange some smaller stems and again used moss to hide the frog from view.
Arrange your vases and pots randomly on the table to or in little clusters dotted around to give a natural feel. Avoid a regimented row down the middle!

Flowers arranged on Easter table


I am a serious fan girl of Willow Crossley (if you don’t follow her on Instagram already I highly recommend you start now @willowcrossleycreates). A couple of weeks ago Willow demonstrated how to make napkin rings with hyacinths, so I thought I would have a go myself. They are super easy, smell gorgeous and are very therapeutic to make.

Hyacinth napkin ring on Easter table

Cut a length of florist wire to fit around your napkin, snip off the flower buds from the hyacinth and trim the end that connected to the main stem. Then simply thread the “bells” onto the wire until you have enough to fit around your napkin. Then twist the wire at the back to secure.

You can keep them in a tupperware container with a damp paper towel underneath and another on top, pop the lid on and put it in the fridge. The flowers will stay fresh for a few days.

Easter Table Finishing Touches

Finally add your candles, ideally in candleholders that are different heights to add interest. Scatter some chocolate eggs around the table, or in small pots. And ENJOY! X

Susanna is the founder of Boom Event Planners. She offers a friendly Event Planning Service allowing you to pick and choose the level of help you require. From venue sourcing to table styling and all that’s in between. Find here on our #ShopLocal directory or visit her website to find out more.