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Valentine’s Kids Treasure Hunt

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Do your kids enjoy a treasure hunt? Are you looking for a fun way to give them a special Valentine’s Day treat? This Valentine’s Day treasure hunt is easy to set up and is love themed free* entertainment for the kids!

Download the free printable below, cut out the 9 clues and hide them around the house, with a treat at the end as a reward.

*only cost involved is the Valentine’s treat which can be whatever you like – a simple pack of love hearts will suffice!

On the printable clues go from left to right; here’s where you need to hide each clue:

  • Clue 1 – somewhere easy to start the hunt!
  • Clue 2 – in the sock drawer
  • Clue 3 – in the bathroom
  • Clue 4 – in the wardrobe
  • Clue 5 – on the back of a door
  • Clue 6 – where your shoes are kept
  • Clue 7 – on a bed
  • Clue 8 – on a photo frame
  • Clue 9 – on a shelf
  • Leave a treat in the kitchen!

I’ll be setting up my kids a special Valentine’s Day treat using Hello Ruth’s free Love printable (download here).

Hope you have lots of fun with this Valentine’s Treasure Hunt! If you do have a go please share your pictures with us and tag us in on Instagram.

This printable is available for free and intended for personal use only. You are not permitted to copy for commercial use or sale.