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Statement Ceilings

There is greater appreciation, now more than ever, for the sanctuary that our homes provide. At this point in the year most of us are now spending less time outside and are instead cosying up indoors in the evenings. Perhaps as you look around inside, you might be noticing what needs painting in your house, I know I am. 

What are your thoughts about paint? In a saturated market, with more and more companies launching their own paint brand -as with many things these days- there’s a baffling array of choice. To simplify things, I always suggest that you pick two or three brands that you like, be that for their eco-credentials, colour palettes, price point or pigment and then consider how do you want to feel in a room. This is the starting point that I work from with my clients. 

Choosing the colour for your room can be tricky and I certainly don’t want to add further indecision, but I’m just going to chuck something else into the mix before you wade knee deep into daydreams of your new scheme. 

Could your ceiling be something other than white? 

Increasingly homeowners are realising the power of the painted skirting boards and door frames. Doors are being painted to match, gently complement or indeed contrast with the rest of the room. 

As shown here by Paint and Paper Library.

painted wall with skirting, door and door frame painted all the same colour

Now it is the turn of the humble ceiling. It is the long overlooked, so called fifth wall – an opportunity to do something different. Yes indeed, most ceilings are white, but why?  

Well, there ARE benefits to ceilings being white. They reflect the light, can increase the feeling of height, plus are a safe, versatile choice, possibly meaning that in the future when redecorating you may need to just repaint the walls, rather than the ceiling as well.  

They don’t always have to be white though.  

If white is the choice, then great, but just make sure the ceiling colour is part of the plan; a decision rather than a default. 

If you have a period property you may be fortunate enough to have high ceilings and a picture rail, you might even be trying to make the room feel less cavernous, in which case, making a feature of the ceiling can be an excellent option.  As shown beautifully here by @crosspool_eclectic 

statement ceiling in period property

Statement ceilings are not just for those people in older homes though, those folk often already have enviable details, like ornate cornicing, decorative roses and mouldings, or even plasterwork friezes. Modern homes however often have rather box-like rooms, and so it’s up to us to inject the interest and stamp our personality. You could fake it, adding cornices and coving- there are plenty of options available in most DIY stores. 

Images from @bo_decor

How To Create Your Own Statement Ceilings

So, if you’re warming to the idea, or just slightly curious, what are your options? 

Colour Drenching

As demonstrated in these images from @em.gurner (photographer: @anna.yanovski)  you could paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls; known as ‘colour drenching’. It creates a calm canvas for the other elements within the room and means there are no hard lines that draw the eye, giving a seamless more restful look.

colour drenching room with walls, woodwork and ceiling all painted same dark colour

It plays tricks with the proportions of the room and can make a low ceiling appear higher. As a bonus, it also makes painting the room easier, no cutting in and straight lines certainly makes for a simpler task. If you are painting the woodwork too though, do remember that eggshell or satin paint should be used there to make it durable. 

colour drenched room in neutral shade
Image: Weave Interiors

In this north facing bathroom design, the opposite end has striking green tiles and I wanted those to be the hero, with a calm and relaxing atmosphere around the bath. So, painting the ceiling (including the beams) the same colour as the walls was the obvious choice. 

Dark Contrast

Alternatively, you could opt for a ceiling colour that’s darker than the walls. This makes the ceiling feel lower but cosier, for example I used black in this ensuite bathroom which creates a feature in what would have otherwise been a neutral scheme. The ceiling colour can then be accented elsewhere in the room, a trick that really increases the cohesion. 

black statement ceiling with white walls
Image: Weave Interiors

Another tip for increasing the cohesion in your room is to use the ceiling paint elsewhere too, you can see how using it around the window in these images enhances the scheme. 

A recent colour consultation client of mine, who has a high ceiling with a picture rail, needed to change this room from a playroom to a more grown-up space to reflect the increasing age of her children, and also serve as an alternative lounge for entertaining in. Having looked at the aspect of the room, window size and furniture that was going to be used in here, I recommended Farrow and Ball Green Smoke to complement the understated pale grey of Ammonite on the walls, radiator and woodwork. With wooden floorboards and a darker grey sofa, the overall effect is a calm but sophisticated scheme. 

dark grey statement ceiling with lighter grey walls
Image: Weave Interiors

Same Palette

Another excellent option is to pick another shade within the same palette, many paint companies do this, Little Green and their sister company, Paint and Paper Library, for example. The varying strengths of the same pigment look beautiful for harmonious and coordinated decorating. 

Brave and Bold

Finally, for the brave and the bold, stripes, pattern, tin tiles and wallpaper could even be considered for statement ceilings, as the effect of these can be truly fantastic. 

statement ceiling with wallpaper

Here one of my favourite wallpapers (Cole and Son Nuvolette) has been combined with paint too and, I hope you agree, the result is gorgeous.  

Image: @victoriaaldersonart

statement ceiling with floral wallpaper

Meanwhile working alongside the dark walls and units, this Ellie Cashman Dark Floral wallpaper has been used to fabulous effect. 

Image: @timesproperty

statement ceiling with painted lines

Requiring some very careful and patient painting, this sunshine effect emanating from the light fitting makes an impressive feature of the ceiling this children’s room. I can just imagine the decorators face if you ask them to recreate a look like this for you.  

Image: @limestampedahl

What do you think of Statement Ceilings?

I hope that this has encouraged you to look up and think about your ceiling as part of the scheme – yes it can be white – but there are so many other possibilities, you might just be missing an opportunity to increase your joy in your room. 

Image: Weave Interiors

Whatever you paint and whatever you decide to do, it is hard to unpick the trends and fads that bombard us, but consider carefully what brings YOU joy, what you want to come home to and be surrounded by.  

Find colour and style that you love and be true to yourself. 

If you’d like any advice on statement ceilings or anything else interiors based, please do get in touch; I’d love to hear from you.

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