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Meet The Member

Meet the Member – Aldcroft Photography

Tanya Aldcroft, from Aldcroft Photography, is a local photographer based in Aston Clinton. She provides a range of services including family, wedding & branding photography.

I recently caught up with Tanya on an Instagram Live where we chatted about her business and what she does, got some advice about how to choose a photographer and she answered our local biz quick fire. You can watch the whole interview here or read on for a few of the highlights. Do give the Live a watch to find out Tanya’s top tips for getting your kids to smile!

Why Should we invest in paid professional photographs (for family or branding) rather than just using our phones?

The key word is investment and that’s exactly how to look at it. The experience and equipment that a photographer has adds so much. We know how to get the best out of people; the kids will often play up but we can still capture those smiles. And if you’re feeling awkward I work to put you at ease to be able to capture you. After the shoot there’s also the editing process which can help create the perfect shot.

So how do we pick the right photographer for what we need?

It is definitely important to choose the right one; I won’t be a match for everyone. There’s a few things to consider:

  1. What type of photography you want – studio style, outdoor shoot or something else.
  2. A photographer’s editing style – different photographer’s have different style, some may be dark & moody, some light & airy. Take a look at their Instagram feed or galleries on their website to get a feel for their style and whether that suits what you want. Also think about where you’ll display the photos and how does that fit with your home.
  3. Personality – it’s important that you can feel comfortable with your photographer. If it’s for a wedding then I would always book to have a chat with the couple first before confirming a booking as you spend a lot of time together. Even for an hour family or brand shoot its still important, you need to feel comfortable running around the woods with the kids or posing in a cafe. Hopefully from my Instagram feed & stories people get a feel for my personality so can decide if I’m a good fit.

What’s your favourite season to photograph in?

The bluebells. It’s where I started doing family photography, so they do have a special place in my heart. Though it is also the most stressful period; they’re out for such a short time which can change each year depending on how the seasons have been, so it can be really stressful getting the shoots booked in. But when it works it is just the best. We have such beautiful locations around in The Chilterns and I love the reaction of my families when I take them to these little hidden spots. They have that wow factor.

So what have you got coming up and how can people work with you?

I have Autumn mini shoots coming up throughout October; 20 minute shoots and you can get 5 images included for £65. Or you can also book a 1 hour

Final family shoots will be in November in Wendover Woods. These will be an hour shoot and if you want you can bring along some Christmas jumpers or hats so can get some Christmas shots in as well.

I am also going to be releasing a discount for my branding shoots if you book before Christmas for the New Year so watch out for this.

Then I also offer photo albums; you send me all your photos and I will put them together in an album. These can make a lovely Christmas gift. I have a client who does one each year, she sends me the photographs she’s taken throughout the year and I sort them into a beautiful keepsake.

Tanya also answered our Local Biz Quick Fire; find out her favourite local cafe, day out and shop by watching our chat here.

You can find Tanya in our #ShopLocal Directory here.

VIsit her website at or find her on Instagram @aldcroft_photography