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Five Ways with Courgettes


If you (or anyone you know) grows courgettes I’m guessing you have a LOT available right now.

We’ve had an allotment for a couple of years, so this is our third courgette season; due to the amount that one plant can produce I have spent a lot of time researching courgette recipes and here are five of my favourites…

Courgette Lasagne

A really yummy recipe from BBC Good Food. I’ve also frozen it to reheat another day.

Chargrilled Courgette with Feta

No formal recipe for this but very simple and perfect for the BBQ.

Slice whole courgettes long ways and grill. Blend equal parts greek yoghurt and feta cheese together and toast some pine nuts. Top grilled courgettes with the feta yoghurt and pine nuts and enjoy!

dish of briam
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This recipe from Pinch of Nom is delicious and really simple to prepare. I complete it as a meal by adding mozzarella to the top for the last 15 minutes of cooking – a perfect one pot dish.

Chocolate & Courgette Cookies

These are super yummy and the kids won’t even realise they’re eating courgettes! You can also add in chocolate chips for a super chocolatey treat.

slice of courgette cake

Courgette & Lime Cake

This Nigella recipe make a yummy summer cake and I’m hoping it still counts as one portion of my fruit & veg!!

If you don’t have your own supply of courgettes then check out your local farm shop or pick your own who are bound to have a wonderous supply of fresh & local produce; including our member Peterley Manor Farm.

Do let me know if any of these recipes take your fancy – I’d love to hear how you’ve got on with them. And if you’ve got any of your own ways with courgette then do send them over to me!