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Why I Love Local

Time for an introduction and to tell you about why I felt passionately about carrying on The Buzz Hub Co and supporting the many local businesses involved. 


Firstly a bit of background about me. 

I’ve been working as a freelance social media manager for about 18 months now, but my small business journey started a few years ago. After having my second child and not wanting to go back to a corporate HR job (& all the juggling that involved!) I started out designing & printing T-shirts and producing handmade crafts. I had some highs, but there were also a few lows and I didn’t love it. What I did love was the social media side, so when the opportunity arose to retrain I took it and haven’t looked back since. 

This new role opened up a whole new network to me, initially online (thanks Covid!), and I started to meet many independent business owners; all with a passion and their own story. 

By working with many independent businesses, and running one myself, I have learnt how much each sale means to the person behind the business. This has made me passionate about supporting small, independent business wherever I can. Those happy dances really do happen! 

So why local? 

#ShopLocal is a lot more than just popping to your local high street. It’s who you source for your business support, your home improvements & repairs, your hairdresser, etc!

There’s many reasons why we should all support our local businesses, here’s 5 key reasons that I love local: 

The Area

I live in Cheddington, right on the borders of Herts, Beds & Bucks and grew up in Watford so this is my area. It’s where I was born & grew up, and where I’ve chosen to raise my own family. It may not sound very exciting but there’s really nowhere I’d rather live. We have it all – bustling towns, easy access to cities like London & Birmingham and the peaceful & wide open spaces of the countryside. Something for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for. 

Personality & Originality

There are so many talented, creative, colourful and passionate entrepreneurs right here on our doorstep, and they all add their own personality to their businesses. What they create is unique and the quality & range on offer far outstrips what you can find in a chain store. 

Customer Service

As well as the originality on offer, many small businesses will go the extra mile for you and can tailor their services to your requirements. You don’t get this when shopping in large stores or from a big corporation. If you need express delivery, a different colourway, or a bespoke service, you’re sure to find someone local who can arrange it for you (often at no extra cost). 

Human Connection

I love meeting people; I’m an extrovert. So as much as online is great for building connections, and the last 2 years certainly opened us up to many more online opportunities, there is nothing like meeting in real life! These things we used to take for granted, now mean so much – seeing a person in the flesh, sitting down with someone in a cafe, browsing around a shop to find the perfect gift. 

So working with, and shopping from, local people can often create opportunities for real life meetings and that’s where connections, collaborations and friendships are created. 

Supporting a Dream

Every time you spend with a small business, you are helping someone’s dreams become a reality. It’s not easy running a small business; there’s a lot of highs but also many lows & it’s hard work. I love this quote which really sums it up. 

So why The Buzz Hub Co? 

I’m not sure, if it wasn’t for my ‘day job’, I would have discovered so many of the amazing businesses we have in our area, which is why I love The Buzz Hub Co. 

Bringing the community together with independent businesses, making it easy to discover new independent businesses and championing the incredible work done by them. 

I can’t wait to get started with The Buzz Hub Co; I’m buzzing (pardon the pun!) with ideas about what we can do together and am looking forward to building a community that supports, promotes and encourages local independent businesses’ to thrive. 

You can find out more about my ‘day job’ Corinne Wallington Social through our #ShopLocal directory