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Meet Haylee Benton – owner of Alchemy & I, Cecily Day Spa, Hanako, & Koha

Aiming to introduce a new way to relax, recharge and enjoy time together for individuals across the UK and NZ, Haylee Benton is passionate about providing access to the very best in personal care experiences. 

This passion led to her founding The Silver Fern Group, a portfolio of four brands: Alchemy & I, Cecily Spa, Hanako and Koha Skin Clinics. The portfolio, headquartered on the Berkhamsted High Street, focuses on turning ordinary hair, beauty, and floristry services into extraordinary experiences.

What attracted you to the beauty industry?

I love hair and beauty experiences. It’s such an essential time for enabling people to switch off, relax and recharge so they can feel strong, creative and confident in themselves. 

However, I was always the fussiest client, and I found myself searching for the best experiences. Knowing exactly what I expected and wanted from treatments, I felt passionate about turning that vision into a reality and was driven to turn ordinary services into extraordinary experiences that could be shared with everyone. 

How are your businesses Cecily Spa, Alchemy & I and Koha Skin Clinics different, and what can we expect from visiting?

Our businesses have been designed to turn standard hair, beauty and aesthetic services into experiences that truly wow. 

Set amongst intricately designed interiors, we’ve combined the outstanding technical skill and experience of our passionate teams with elevated experiences, integrating client-focused extras that make every visit to each business feel like a VIP experience. 

What’s your all-time favourite beauty or hair treatment

I love a deep tissue massage and scalp massage!

What do you love best about running hair and beauty businesses

My incredible team! Every day, my team never fail to wow me. From teaching me new things to simply being the most supportive and fun group of individuals to spend each day with, I love being able to work with such a strong and creative team.

What’s been your most memorable career moment to date?

One of my most memorable moments was reopening Alchemy & I and Cecily Spa after our beautiful refurb last year. It was such an amazing feeling to see all of our staff and client’s reactions – even if we did close due to COVID just 3 weeks later!

What’s next for Cecily Spa, Alchemy & I and Koha Skin Clinics?

Growth! Since we launched in March 2019, we haven’t stopped developing and expanding the brands, despite facing months of closure due to the pandemic. 

In November 2020, we launched our first international site when we opened Alchemy & I in my hometown in New Zealand, and we’re now looking for our next UK site. In March this year, we also acquired a spa in Marlow, which we will be rebranding in the new year to Cecily Spa.

However, our most exciting news is that we launched Hanako, located next door to Alchemy & I and Cecily Spa on the Berkhamsted High Street. It’s a brand-new concept, combining incredible floristry with champagne, creating a ‘Florists Table’ around which guests can watch floral arrangements come to life.

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