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The Gut Project – a review

Having known Lucy Williamson as a Buzz Hub Co member and for her passion for gut health, high quality British food and building optimum nutrition through real food for a number of years, I was excited to hear about her latest offering – the Gut Project. Of course, I was even more thrilled to join for the first run of the course and find out what it’s all about and report back!

Lucy’s 6-week course, the Gut Project, is a mix of live sessions, recorded audio, video and written content centred around the delivery of four evidence-based principles of food, rest, nature and movement – and the ways we can work with them to improve our health. The course brings together her knowledge of nutrition and health with real scientific know-how, wonderful sustainably grown British foods from real producers, and practical recipes and demonstrations from course Chef, Katy Brill (from Peterley Manor Farm). She’s also packed into her offering sessions of yoga and talks about breathing from Helen (Feet to Earth Yoga), a section from ex GP and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner Dr Sally Bell, and features from some of the UK producers included in the course to give a view of our health from every angle.

I love the 360-degree approach of this course – she takes us on a journey around the various aspects that impact our health, connecting with her passionate team of experts, but always keeping health-giving foods at the centre. There’s something for everyone, whatever their level of interest or knowledge, whether it’s understanding why we experience inflammation, why meat and fish are so valuable in our diets, meeting producers, why stress is such a critical factor, or just learning how to make great, wholesome food.

We’re all becoming more aware of how gut health can impact our whole heath, but many of us don’t know what steps we can take to improve it or of the many ways it can impact our health.  Lucy’s course gives an easy-to-understand overview of how the bodily systems work and how this is impacts our health. Rather than blind us with science or suggest difficult lifestyle adjustments or reams of supplements, she’s ready with appealing, nutritious food choices and there’s really no excuse but to enjoy them when it’s accompanied by simple and delicious looking recipes from Katy (who doesn’t long to make sourdough?!).

Another great feature of the Gut Project is it’s hosted on a private area of Lucy’s website and each week is filled with multiple pieces of interesting and useful content, that include live session recordings, the recipes, but also podcasts and wonderful yoga. There’s plenty there to digest and build into your normal routine and adapt your lifestyle, without feeling overwhelmed by the content. 

Lucy’s approach with the Gut Project is both holistic and realistic and very much true to her value of supporting real British food. If you’re looking to boost your knowledge and improve your health in a way that’s both sustainable and enjoyable, this course is ideal. Great heath is accessible to us all when it’s broken down in this way and that’s really something to celebrated.

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