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A virtual spa evening with Temple Spa by Sarah Higgins

Have you ever tried Temple Spa products? I’m always amazed by how beautiful they are – such potent and sensual aromas. Once you open the cap, you find yourself immediately transported to the feeling of being in an exclusive spa. They smell so incredibly good…and it’s that kind of smell that comes from essential oils and active ingredients that you know are going to do amazing things for your skin too.

Member Sarah Higgins works with Temple Spa having been a fan of their products for many years.  She had so many of their products in her bathroom cabinet and was always recommending them to friends, that it seemed like a natural progression to make it into a business. Lockdown had meant the normal one-to-one selling and demonstrations were impossible, but she found a new niche for virtual spa parties and started getting groups of friends together for a few drinks, chat, and some virtual pampering with her bespoke Temple Spa kits.

Sarah let me join her for one of her virtual spa events and it was such a fun treat! Before the event she got in touch with me and asked a few questions about my skin type and sensitivities, and then a few days later a little package of gorgeous mini treats arrived in the post. Of course, I couldn’t help but sneak a sniff straight away …that smell – sooo good! You just know you’re in for a treat! The pack came with a set of emailed instructions which included pouring myself a glass of fizz (these are instructions I can enjoy following) and bringing a bowl of water and a face cloth so that I had everything ready for my home spa experience.

A smiley Sarah came on to the screen via Zoom and told me a little about her business before leading me through her skincare ritual featuring all the beautiful products. She talked me through each product individually and explained about their benefits whilst I enjoyed the wonderful spa style scents and the rejuvenating effects of the various products. The routine was perfect as it was an evening session and prepared me for a relaxed and polished bedtime.  She explained that she has different routines depending on the occasion.

As we’ve had to find more creative ways of connecting with our friends and loved ones, this is such a fun and different way to do it.  Who doesn’t want a mini spa at home?! Sarah also offers plenty of in-person events too if you fancy getting your people together for a pampering whatever the occasion and having some gorgeous indulgent, goodies to go home with.

If you’d like to book an in-person or virtual event with Sarah, or just to buy some of these incredible products, you can find Sarah on our Directory here.