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Is Now The Time To Embrace The Silver?

For many, the impulse reaction to spotting grey hair is to cover it up, either in the salon or with at-home colour kits. However, lockdown, and time away from your hairdresser, has meant we’ve all had to rock our natural locks. Including those pesky greys.

Now, post-lockdown hair appointments kick off with the same question: “what shall I do with my grey hair?”

And today, we’re going to break it down for you. We’re going to look at the different types of grey hair out there, then discuss the steps to checking if you’re truly ready to embrace the silver. Let’s go!

What Are The Different Types Of Grey Hair?

Quick answer: many! Whether it’s the first sprinkles around your hairline, the odd white popping up in your parting or a full head of gorgeous white, like any hair colour there are a multitude of different types of grey hair. 

Grey hair happens when a hair follicle has decreased melanin (the pigment in hair and skin). White hair is when the hair follicle has no melanin left at all. 

Going grey can also change the feeling of your hair, not just the colour. However, contrary to popular belief, grey hair is not courser than normal. As you age, your oil glands produce less sebum, which results in drier hair and skin. This affects your sebaceous glands, which are attached to your hair follicles, and explains why grey hair can feel drier.

Are You Ready To Rock Silver Hair?

Before asking your stylist the question, you need to ask yourself. Are you ready for silver hair? 

People are scared by grey hair for several reasons. They’re worried that it may make them look older, that it is not the right shade of silver, or even that there isn’t enough grey. Here at Alchemy & I, as soon as our clients have come to the conclusion that they’re ready to rock the silver, we will work with them to figure out the best route to make it possible.

The Journey To Silver Hair

Remember that patience is key. Going grey takes time and it’s really important to chat with your stylist and plan out your hair journey to grey hair. It’s all about baby steps, and the first of these steps is growing your hair out. 

There are a few ways that this can be done, including trying out a shorter style to speed up the transition process. However here at Alchemy & I, we recommend, firstly, moving from a permanent colour to a quasi colour, which is in between a semi and a permanent colour. We only apply this at the root and colour it slightly lighter each time, and usually, in around three months, we can get it three shades lighter.

After three months, we switch from quasi to a semi-permanent colour, and then eventually the natural locks will shine through. Once fully grey, we will use a toner every 4-6 weeks to ensure the silver stays light, clean and fresh.

As you can probably tell, there is no clear answer to our initial question. Embracing silver hair is a personal choice, and something you have to consider carefully. Whatever you decide, the expert team at Alchemy & I are here to help. 

Sean Butt : Alchemy & I’s Salon-Director, Sean Butt, has been working in the industry for over 20 years and is a L’Oreal Colour Specialist who’s passionate about creating hair that expresses the unique individuality of everyone who sits in his chair. He is passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for his clients and strives to add glamour to every step of the hair journey. Find out more: