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Mind, Body and Midi skirts

After a long career in fashion, retraining to become a personal stylist after having my three kids seemed like a good way to keep my passion going and build my way back into work that would fit around being a mum. What I hadn’t realised is that it would turn out to be an adventure in psychology, mental health and self-confidence.

When I sit down and reflect after a morning’s wardrobe edit or a personal shopping expedition with a client (we’re currently talking web stores rather than Westfield) it’s hard not to appreciate the surprisingly powerful restorative effect of something as simple as fashion and footwear.

When my clients start to see themselves in the clothes that truly match their personality and physical appearance, I can see not just the expressions on their faces, but the whole stance of their bodies start to change. Without wishing to overstate it, it can feel like a real moment of awakening.

The word I hear my clients use most is ‘confidence’. Some simply say that knowing what they now know about the clothes that best suit them, they feel more confident in their purchase choices. But, for the majority, the concept of confidence runs much deeper, as they recount how it makes them interact differently with people. It’s not about suddenly becoming an extrovert, it’s more subtle than that – adding more opinion here, leaning in closer there – driven by a positive comment or gesture from their family, friends and colleagues.

I remember Nicole Farhi telling me many years ago as, I helped her extend her clothing brand into footwear, “fashion is a feelings business”. And she is right: when you find the style that’s right, the way you feel about yourself is nothing short of amazing.

So as we celebrate the change of seasons and, for those of us that have had to find a way of juggling home schooling, get back to a point of balance where we have time to bring some attention back to ourselves, now feels like the perfect moment to make an assured sense of personal style a valuable part of your wellbeing routine.

Many of my clients kick things off with a simple colour consultation. This session equips you with clarity on the seasonal colour palette you fall into and what shades really highlight your skin tone and personality. And, as you can see from some of my clients below, is a great way of kicking off your spring summer look.

To those of us, like me, that are eager to bring some wellbeing back to ourselves, good luck. And if I can be of assistance, I’d love to hear from you.

“Jemma has given me the confidence to explore my style.. The biggest eye opener were my colours, I used to go bold to accentuate which actually over powered me, understanding the colours that work for me not only highlight my features but make me look younger too! I now have a pocket colour guide to take shopping which helps me focus and avoid random purchases I later regret. I am constantly referring to the style report packed with tips, brands and links to items that work for my long limbs which I previously struggled to dress”.  Sarah, Berkhamsted

“I’ve never been one that enjoys clothes shopping. But ever since my colour session with Jemma I’ve become something of a fashion junkie. The moment you turn up at the school gates in colours that make you shine is the moment you realise that this is something you should have done years ago” Emma, Berkhamsted

By Jemma Cotterrell


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