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The Rise of ‘Skinimalism’

Lockdown really has given us a chance to up our skincare game. While we’ve had the opportunity to ditch the heavy makeup and let our skin breathe, we’ve also been able to reflect on how much time we used to spend in the mirror attempting to achieve often unrealistic beauty standards.

Step forward, the “new glow up” that Pinterest is predicting to be a major beauty trend in 2021: Skinimalism.

But what is skinimalism? We take a closer look below.

What is Skinimalism?

Skinimalism is all about embracing slow beauty and letting your natural skin texture shine through. This ‘effortlessly chic’ approach is both simple and sustainable, and encourages stripping back your skincare and makeup routine in favour of a more minimalist approach.

Trending Pinterest search terms include natural everyday makeup, homemade skincare, and aloe vera face masks. Lockdown has seen consumers making the switch to cleaner, greener products in the hope of creating a dewy, natural look.

Skinimalism is essentially taking things back to basics. Whether it’s reducing the number of products in your next skincare haul or simply swapping to a tinted moisturiser over a heavy foundation, this will ultimately result in a simpler and cheaper beauty routine.

Why is it important?

In a world of filters, image retouching, and constant beauty ‘must-haves’, this new trend of embracing your natural beauty is a refreshing concept.

We’re all guilty of trying out new products and formulas when it comes to skincare, but often you’re in danger of overwhelming your skin. Combining too many active ingredients and formulas can cause irritation, breakouts, and compromise your skin’s natural barrier – not exactly what you were hoping to achieve in the first place! 

Skinimalism promotes taking a step back and finding out what your skin really needs. Opt for products and treatments that work for your skin type, and the results will speak for themselves. 

Not only will you see the benefits in your skin, but streamlining your regime is also much better for the environment. By refining the products you use on a daily basis and focusing on those that really work for you, you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint and waste. A win, win!

Skinimalism-Boosting Treatments to Explore

With salons reopening in April, it’s an excellent opportunity to treat your skin and maintain the natural glow you’ve built up over lockdown. There are plenty of treatments available that can help you achieve this.

At Cecily Spa, we offer a range of facials, from our deeply cleansing dermaplane treatment to our invigorating ESPA facials that visibly revive skin’s natural beauty and balance and health. Our team of experts will be on hand to help you pick the perfect treatment for your skin.

Nikki Marsh

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