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Finding “ease” in my new health focused business

Eeezetopia was started at the end of 2019 when I came back from a holiday with my lovely mum and felt inspired to change my life and hopefully many others’. 

I decided on the name because I felt eased and a sense of utopia when I used the products so after some brainstorming I created my own language, hence Eeezetopia!

I’m Jen, I’m 33 and have lived in Hertfordshire most of my life except for a few years when I decided to feed my curiosity and travel. 

Coming back after travelling, there was a definite change in me – not just the routine of falling back into where I’d left off but my BODY. Things were changing within me and I had no idea why or how. Doctors couldn’t give me answers and I felt like there was no clear direction I could go in.

Formerly a hairdresser, my job was causing me endless amounts of pain in my upper body. My tiredness levels were off the chain yet I could never sleep and my legs and arms were covered in mysterious bruises. 

Fast forward 3 years and I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a long term condition that causes pain all over the body. Doctors prescribed me endless tablets and referred me to a pain management group where I met all sorts of wonderful people but the prescription meds weren’t for me and made me feel worse. The thought of spending my life on an assortment of daily tablets filled me with dread and there was little to no advice about a holistic path. 

During the holiday, I experienced better sleep and the temperature was much needed. Heat makes Fibro feel a bit better (in my case anyway) but the real heat came during a massage!

It was a typical hour session but the masseuse finished with Gel Capsicum, a cream made from capsaicin which is the active ingredient in chilli peppers. It’s what makes them hot and studies have shown that application of creams with this particular ingredient can actually decrease pain symptoms by numbing nerve endings. 

The sensation after application was immediate. The warmth spread over my skin, into my bones and just soothed away that everlasting ache which I thought I would never be rid of. 

After a few hours, the cream reheated and flooded my back and shoulders with that comfort I hadn’t even realised I’d missed – I’d just been living in pain for so long, I’d forgotten what it was like to feel normal.

I bought pretty much their whole supply there and then!! 

On return to the UK, I contacted the lab that created it and it’s how I got to where I am today!

I still use Gel Capsicum daily and apply in the morning, feel soothed during the day and don’t need to apply again until the evening when the dull ache starts to return. 

Terpenic Labs are based in Spain and I love how organic the company is. They truly care about what they produce and use only natural ingredients – all the answers are in Mother Nature, all we have to do is look for them. 

I visited their labs in Barcelona which was a great experience. They also support local farmers who they source their natural ingredients from. 

Since importing and distributing these creams and oils, I have delved deeper into a natural way of living and actually use most of the products I sell. I get terrible restless legs with my condition and Livium fixes that rapidly! My sister has rosacea and she swears by Calmaderm (I use it for that particular time of month when annoying spots appear!). Those mysterious bruises still pop up but don’t last half as long with Cicatriderm… the list goes on. 

It’s so easy these days to follow doctors orders – and that is completely fine for some people – but the access to a naturalised route is often more complicated and involves doing a lot of your own research. Instagram has been a fantastic way to enter a community of people who experience the same things as you and make you not feel so alone. 

I love giving people the opportunity to look at a different way of healing because lets face it, the medical route doesn’t always work for everyone. Since entering the Instagram Fibro community I have made amazing connections with people and recommended using Gel Capsicum and other products of course!

Yes, its a business but at the end of the day, I needed to get the word out there that there is an alternative way of managing your pain. It was the message and support I needed however many years ago when I thought there was no end in sight. 

My favourite part of Eeezetopia are markets and sharing experiences with others!! Markets give me the opportunity to speak to people face to face (which we are all craving in this weird time!). When you meet people that way, they understand your business and I develop more of an understanding about their needs. Best of all is the response – when people give me feedback about the effects of the products they use it just reaffirms why I do this every day and boosts my energy to put more and more into my business. I keep prices low due to being able to sell directly. Making them affordable and having a health condition myself, I look at what I would pay for this kind of relief and it’s helpful to get feedback from people who buy them. 

I’ve recently started putting packs together which is great for those looking for a bargain and during lockdown I started doing doorstep deliveries in HP1/2/3/4 which I will continue after lockdown ends too. The creams and oils help so many conditions ranging from those who work from home, sitting down for too long and feel their circulation affected, people who feel muscular pain whether it be from chronic illness, conditions or sports and activities. I have had great feedback on a condition called Raynauds that affects your nose, ears, fingers etc and they go white from the cold. The feeling back in your fingertips is instant and I use this on market days! There’s creams and oils for chillblains, shingles, fluid retention, skin firming, cellulite and so much more.

Personally, I’ve found lockdowns tough because of my condition – not having access to the swimming pool for gentle exercise has thrown my body out of its routine but without the products I sell, I’d truly be lost. Luckily, Eeezetopia is mainly based online so lockdown has had its challenges but I’m fortunate I can still operate. It’s given me more time to focus on the business and make new connections. It’s actually inspired me to put together those new packs specifically for mummies, skincare and sports people too – the range of what Eeezetopia can offer truly has something for everyone. I’ve recently added oils to the range which can be used at bath time or applied directly and I am LOVING them, my fave being Relax Zen which I rub on before bedtime to help me sleep. Think lavender and herbal notes – I’m obsessed with the scent. 

Lockdown has FORCED me to slow down and look inward, something I didn’t do much of before. Now I really appreciate spending time with my partner (who I met in the summer so lockdown has been a great ‘getting to know you’ period!!), I live for long baths as it gives me reflection time and helps my condition. I miss travel and exploring but I know those days will be back soon so in the meantime I immerse myself in real life documentaries and series’. Family has been more important than ever during this time and I’m so grateful for support bubbles so I can spend time with my parents. I pretty much speak to my sister daily and without them and my friends, I would feel lost! I can’t wait to have a proper blowout with them all when we are allowed!!

What does the future hold for me and Eeezetopia? While I’m still growing I feel its important for me to really get to know the products – I literally live, breathe and sleep them but I want to give the best service I can before I take on more. Eventually I want to have a huge catalogue of creams, oils and different products but I really want to know everything I stock inside out. 

Having this business has expanded my knowledge tenfold and I never thought I would be doing half the things I do now, it really has changed my life for the better and I hope customers of Eeezetopia feel the same.

Check out Eezetopia here