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Find your inner glam in lockdown

With lockdown continuing for most of us it feels as though we are caught in a never ending cycle of being stuck at home working/ not working, child care, home schooling and zooming, with the dishwasher being loaded and unloaded several times a day and social interactions (IF we have time) being conducted through video conferencing and Whatsapp. Before we know it we realise we have been wearing the same leggings and jumper for weeks on end and our hair resembles more of a nest than a hair style with make-up having been forgotten long ago. STOP!! I am here to help and give you advice! 

If you continue to live in the semi cave man state, your work colleagues might well think you have lost the plot, as to be quite frank- would you ever turn up to work in your pyjamas with a thatch-like hair style and unbrushed teeth??

What you need is some easy style advice for comfortable, feel good clothes that are both affordable and versatile. Ladies- we are 9 months into this crisis and if you let yourself go on the outside, your self-confidence both at home and at work will dissipate without you even realising it! So here I am, your Fairy Glam-mother, effectively being “that friend” of yours who sounds like a cow but whose tough love is much needed at this present moment in time.

Get out of your gross tracksuit or perpetual “home wear”. For your own sanity, your day needs to have a morning, noon and night. Get up, get dressed (VENEZIA Boutique suggestions below) and then return to your comfy clothes only after you have finished your work/ day. You will psychologically cope better as you won’t feel persistently dishevelled and furthermore will subconsciously create an element of structure to what would otherwise feel like an endless period.

Versatile Outfit Ideas from VENEZIA Boutique:

Winter Whites & Lights- to wear with your jeans and white pumps- OUTFIT TOTAL £118.50 (In the sale)

Pair the beautiful FLEUR Ruffled blouse with our warm ADELIE puff sleeve sweater, whack our MONACO belt on et voila! Wear it with our SOLVEIG coat in either white or pink, pop on your cool beany hat, scarf and gloves and head outside for that much needed walk! Sleeves and frills are very much in vogue this year so this ensemble is right on trend.

Pleather & Coloured Chunky Knits-OUTFIT TOTAL £126.50 (In the sale)

If you are not a fan of white or frills then the leather trend is still running very strong. At VENEZIA we sell pleather skirts and biker jackets which are both kinder to animals and easier to launder. If you don’t like pleather then we have our NOEMIE skirt which is made of jersey fabric as an option. Below we have offered you the jersey skirt however on our website you will find the PAOLA pleather midi skirt as an alternative ( By wearing the black CAMILLE top under the ASTRID jumper you are ready for that meeting and look sophisticated in seconds! It is all about saving time.

Further feel good tips:

  1. Take your gels off and keep your nails short with some great nail strengthner.  Do NOT let your gels grow out like a vulcher with half a claw of red and half varnish free or even worse chipped. You can buy kits to take them off at Boots.
  2. Work your roots– it is still very fashionable to have roots so the fact that you can’t visit your hairdresser can be considered “Hipster Cool”. If you are still worried then make sure you volumise your hair with rollers or back brushing it to give it some height- this is a great way to disguise regrowth! 
  3. Put some makeup and fragrance on every day! If you make yourself look great on the outside you will feel much more positive on the inside! 

By Venetia Grivas of Venezia Boutique

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