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Transforming a business in a pandemic

As a small business owner with over 15 years of running my own business building it from my bedroom, I can safely say that dealing with the COVID pandemic has been the single most stressful and hardest thing I have had to do.

Having rebuilt in the 2008 economy crash and dealt with many other curve balls I am very resilient. However, being a business that wasn’t closed by the government but became nonexistent overnight due to lockdown and with no government support I was devastated, when at the end of march my business disintegrated before my very eyes.

To say I felt overwhelmed, paralysed and consumed with grief in the first instance is an understatement. Once I had consumed my body weight in carbs and drunk enough Gin to refill the local swimming pool, I decided that it was time to pull up my big girl pants, seize the day and take this as an opportunity to remodel the entire business from the ground up.

I had two choices, close the doors, curl up and give up and perhaps never reopen or take the bold move to diversify, remodel and rebirth my business with a different and more resilient offering.

This is where the concept of the Wellness hub came from.

Knowing that so many people will now be putting their health and wellbeing at the forefront of their minds, I wanted to create a calm and safe environment to allow that to happen.

We at the wellness hub are here to help you get back to a fitter, happier and healthier pain free version of yourself. We have the tools, retail, and treatment techniques to help you find pleasure in your journey to optimal physical and mental wellbeing

Shop, relax and receive treatment in a calm and comforting environment.

My advice would be run your numbers, listen to your instincts and, above all, be brave – really really brave. There is fear every day, however I would recommend that you harness the energy and don’t let the fear stop you, let the fire in your belly drive you harder.

We would love to see you so do pop in and see us on Lower Kings road and let us help you achieve whatever you want to .

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