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Seasonal recipe by Scott Barnard

Dunsley farm egg, asparagus, wild garlic pesto, and Culture Bakery sourdough

Recipe by Scott Barnard of Crockers Tring

Serves 4 

For the wild garlic pesto 

The following quantities makes plenty of Pesto – save what’s left for a pasta dish:


250g wild garlic 

25g raw wild garlic 

75g olive oil

75g vegetable oil

120g toasted pine nuts ( or whatever is in the cupboard)

50g grated Pecorino 

Salt to taste 

4 turns of black pepper 



Wash the wild garlic and blanch in lightly salted boiling water, then place into ice water to cool quickly, dry between paper towel 

Blend the cooked and raw wild garlic until smooth 

Add the pine nuts and lightly blend

Add cheese and season 

Lightly blend again

Check seasoning and store in a jar


For the hens egg 


4 x eggs from Dunsley farm (Tring)

Good knob of butter 

Little dash of vegetable oil 



Place a large frying pan over a medium heat 

Add oil and butter and melt and turn heat to low 

Season the pan and crack eggs into the foaming butter 

Slowly cook the eggs sunny side up 


For the asparagus 


2 x bunches of thick asparagus (Grooms Farm Shop)

Knob of butter 

100ml water 




Remove bottom woody parts from the asparagus and peel

Bring water, butter and salt to the boil 

Add asparagus and simmer for 4 minutes check with a cake tester 

Drain on paper towel 


For the sourdough 


1 x loaf of Wills sourdough from Culture Bakery 

available at P.E.Mead & Sons farm shop 

Olive oil 




4 x nice thick slices sourdough 

Drizzle with oil and season 

Grill sourdough until golden 



1 good spoonful of pesto into the middle of the plate

Place egg on top of pesto and season yolk 

Followed by asparagus spears 

and grilled sourdough 

Tuck in and enjoy