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Gut feelings on our health by Lucy Williamson Nutrition

by Lucy Williamson Nutrition

I’ve often thought how wonderful it would be to just step off the busy-ness of life for a while, catch up on my ‘to do’ list and come back where I left off, all refreshed and ready to go… In these challenging times, I find myself feeling rather guilty about these thoughts, pre-Covid19. So many small businesses now find themselves somewhere between working harder than ever finding ways to stay afloat, desperately wanting to continue to support this wonderful community, but also perhaps with a strange inner feeling of relief that we’re all in this together, with no choice but to slow down, take stock of our situation & step off the busy-ness of life…

I don’t want to down-play in any shape or form the uncertainty that so many of us are facing, while trying to care for our families and stay strong. Instead, perhaps just to lift spirits with some positive thoughts, not least the simply staggering community togetherness that has come about so quickly, showcasing the best of human spirit, especially here in the BuzzHubCo! As a Registered Nutritionist, I’ve been heartened too, by the determination of so many small food producers and providers, who work extremely hard at the best of times, to find in a matter of days, new ways to continue ‘delivering’ great food! 

We live in beautiful surroundings which my senses have become more awakened to than usual when out on my ‘government issued’ exercise…. Nature carries on as normal and our fabulous, seasonal British food continues to grow, cows keep producing milk and the initial panic around food supply seems to have calmed. My two teens are well rested, missing friendship, yes, but coping, and I’m finding time to chat to people who’ve been on my mind to get in touch with for too long. All this helps to relieve for a while the worry we all feel, unsure how to keep our hard-earned businesses going.

To help get through these anxieties of our time, nourishing food, movement and sleep are all at least still possible! Passionate about sharing how food fuels best health, my recent blog – Great (British) food to build natural resistance ( felt like a good place to start sharing helpful nutrition advice at the start of the Covid19 crisis. Fingers crossed, my family so far are fit and well; this may change, but as my key area of interest is our gut microbiome (our billions of beneficial bacteria living in our gut and their collective genetic makeup – which is 150x our own cells’ genes so really must be important!), I’ve been feeding everyone even more fermented food and fibre than usual! Nurturing our all-important gut bacteria with the right food, gives our immune system a huge boost as 80% of its cells are in the walls of our gut and the bacteria here ensure it develops correctly. 

If you’re interested to find out more about the many benefits of great gut health or for general advice on how to nurture best health through food, please do get in touch. Or, join me with your own coffee, at my virtual ‘Gut Café’, coming soon for some practical tips and a chance to share further info on local suppliers of fabulous food. My focus as a Registered Nutritionist (once a Vet) has always been to support your very best wellbeing through the love of food.


Stay well everyone and keep up that fabulous community spirit!

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