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Afternoon Tea at Copper House

You know that time between lunch and dinner when you don’t quite know what to do with yourself? It’s too early for one but too late for the other, but actually it’s the perfect time to just chill out, relax and take in the world. Well, it turns out we know the perfect place to hang out right then and you’re going to love it!

Picture the greyest of grey January days, it’s the end of the month and we’ve all been waiting for pay day and avoiding alcohol/ sugar/ anything remotely unhealthy.  Then you venture out into the cold and find yourself on Berkhamsted High Street. Copper House stands at the centre, with its’ branded blue outdoor seating area and its copper signage, so you decide to go in. Inside you’re met with the most welcoming of scenes – the room is warm, cosy and each table is lit with a tea light that creates an atmosphere that transports you far away from dull January. The interiors here never cease to impress and I’m always staggered at how they’ve managed to make such a large open space feel so warm and intimate.  It’s the perfect refuge to while away the afternoon.

As always, the staff are smiling and attentive at Copper House as we arrive and are shown to our table. We’re seated on the cosiest of banquettes backed with tropical print cushions that make it feel like the most glamorous of homes away from home. Our booking is for afternoon tea, so after choosing from the large array of teas and coffees (Moroccan Mint for me and English Breakfast tea for Matt) we are delivered our stacking tea stand that was straight out of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The very bottom of the stand was carefully cut sandwiches with homemade fillings of salmon with crème fraiche and cucumber, chicken with red pepper tapenade and cheese and pickle. Next up (my favourite) scones with clotted cream and jam.  At this point I should say that my tea was gluten free. Afternoon tea is normally a tricky concept if you’re gluten free, but it’s no problem for Copper House as long as you give them a weeks’ notice before your booking date. If you’re gluten free expectations of anything of the bread variety are pretty low, but the scones here were absolutely no pale comparison. They had the most wonderful home baked smell and the texture was dense but crisp and satisfying in that homely way that reminds me of my childhood. And then there’s the question of cream or jam first? Well for me there’s no question – cream first and the sweet strawberry jam lies colourfully on top. Three layers of afternoon treats seems manageable at the start, but by the time you get to scone layer (which there was zero chance of me leaving a crumb behind), you’re already wondering how you’ll get the through the prettiest of cakes topping the afternoon feast. But make it we did and beautiful bites of banoffee centred chocolate balls, brownie and macaroons that finished the perfectly formed but indulgent feast. Of course, this is the Copper House so it wouldn’t be right not to enjoy some of their trademark champagne and add a little sparkle to the occasion.

Taking time out to enjoy the afternoon tea was so welcome. It’s so much more than enjoying delicious cakes or indulgent champagne, it’s about taking time out from the world, relaxing in a beautiful environment and using that time to invest in yourself. We all deserve a little indulgence and if you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one, it’s an experience I’d completely recommend.

If you’re interested in booking an afternoon tea for yourself, your friends, loved ones or even as a gift you can book online Afternoon tea is available Tuesday to Friday 12 until 4pm with a variety of options including vegetarian.