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Feeling the high street love at Coluco

It’s always a tough gig when a high street favourite disappears and is replaced.  Jack & Alice was a highly popular Tring venue for it’s casual dining, laid back vibe and vintage inspired décor.  We were so sad to hear of it’s closure….but news of it’s immediate transformation to “Coluco” meant that we didn’t have to mourn too long. Splendid restaurants took the site on back in March and after a brief but thorough renovation project the pretty interiors were given a freshen up, a new lease of life and injection of turquoise branding as Coluco arrived.

So what is Coluco and why that name?  Well, as they say, it does exactly what it says on the tin – coffee (Co), lunch (lu) & cocktails (co).  I know! Clever right? Basically it has a similar ethos to its predecessor. It’s a relaxed place to hang out at any time of the day and have tea or coffee with casual dining, upgrading to something a little stronger later.  Maybe even those aforementioned cocktails! 😉 A little of everything we all want from a venue in fact.

So of course we couldn’t let a new local hangout arrive without going to find out what it’s like!  We chose our time well as we popped along for lunch after a morning business workshop, which always leaves us a little ravenous.  The day time menu was made up of a mixture of brunch dishes, salads and light bites. But on this occasion we were all about the brunch, so we chose coffees and eggs benedict/ royale.  They were super accommodating with my non-gluten requirements which meant all brunch items were an option and I didn’t feel limited. The welcome was friendly and we were happy to see some familiar faces as well as some new. The freshen up of the interiors was obvious but at the same time it felt like somewhere comfortable, inviting and well…home from home! Our food delivered everything it needed from a a tasty brunch and with two rounds of coffees we were feeling all the relaxed lunch vibes.  Of course we couldn’t leave without visiting the cake display. Just looking of course. Although a bit like going to see puppies….no one ever just visits the cakes do they? I mean it was all in the name of research after all….I couldn’t go and visit without reporting back. I know – totally selfless! With huge servings of blackberry & lavender & gluten free cappucino cakes that were full of flavour, light and sweet – we were pretty much living the cake dream.

Well done Coluco you have  delivered us the relaxed dining we were looking for.  This venue is every bit the homely high street hang out we need, and we know you’ll become a community favourite  Oh, but I didn’t test out the cocktails! Well that’s it….I’ll just have to go back soon….!