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Style it out with Margarita Salomo Personal Stylist

Yes I know it’s been a while!  Sorry guys the summer of work has taken it’s toll but I promise to get back to some great inspirational blogs and reviews!   We’ve had this lady’s story for a little while and I’m super keen to get it out there.  I genuinely feel privileged to meet so many incredible people running the blog and to hear their business stories.  Margarita is the perfect example of the type of person I love to meet.  Not only is she super kind and fun, but she’s got a great story of how she changed her life and her career. She’s turned a negative into a positive and not only that used her new found skills to help others. Here is her story.


Margarita Salomo Personal Stylist

How long have you been a stylist and what did you do before?

 I have been a Stylist for almost two years and before that, I was a Modern Languages Teacher.

Margarita Salomo Personal Stylist

What made you decide to become a Stylist?

Various reasons….

I have always loved styling myself and others. It’s also something I was very aware of growing up: my mum had her own clothing shop and my dad always took a real pride in what he was wearing.
I think that how you look influences how you feel and how you approach your day.
I had my own personal turning point after I had my daughter – like many women, I had put on weight and lost a bit of confidence. One day, I decided to embrace styling my new body shape and through clothes, express myself as me again. The transformation was not just in how I looked but in how I felt and how others responded to me. I realised that I could do the same for others.
For me, helping another person feel great about themselves is the best job in the world.

Margarita Salomo Personal Stylist

Is fashion important to you?

Fashion and trends are part of my job, but if I have to be honest they are not what I necessarily base my advice to clients on! Most of the time you can find what you need in your own wardrobe – but I find lots of people are unsure of how to put things together. We normally wear 20% of the clothes that are in our wardrobes 80% of the time. What is really important is to know our body shape and the colours best suited to us so when we go shopping we buy the right clothes and we break the pattern of buying clothes that will just sit in our wardrobes unworn.

Margarita Salomo Personal Stylist

What kind of services do you provide your clients?

My main service is a Wardrobe Review which I offer to both men and women at their own home. This helps the client get to know their body shape and best colours. We look at everything they have in their wardrobe, creating fresh and updated outfits using their existing clothes but styled to best suit them. If the client is missing any “key pieces” to complement what they already have, I provide a bespoke list for them.
Sometimes, we do have to say adios to some clothes – but this is never a huge amount! I also offer services like body shape analysis, colour analysis, online shopping for especial occasions, shopping trips to Barcelona and styling parties. I hold styling events several times a year which are open to the public and which are always a lot of fun!

What are your top tips for looking fabulous?

Invest in classic key pieces for each season like a white shirt or a trench coat for example. Fabulous key pieces needn’t be expensive – if they suit you and you feel great wearing them.
Small things can work brilliantly too: a scarf and lipstick can change your look completely. Above all, never be afraid to follow your own style, being unique is your best asset!