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A time for rejuvenation

We love to see the signs of nature revitalising and coming into bloom ready for the summer months. So now is the perfect time to revitalise your health too, starting from the very beginning and getting to know how your body is performing so you can make the necessary changes to keep your health on track.

Chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis are amongst the most preventable of health problems yet the occurrence of these conditions is skyrocketing. This rise is largely driven by increasingly sedentary lifestyles and a rapidly ageing population.

All too often we wait until something is wrong before we go to the doctors, but at that point our bodies are failing and we might even have to stop for a few days to recover. Sometimes problems can’t easily be fixed and can even require long-term management, affecting quality of life. So why wouldn’t you want to check that everything is OK to prevent getting to that point?  We are all encouraged to visit the dentist a couple of times a year and to regularly have our eyes tested. There is no question that this is an essential part of managing our family’s general health & wellbeing. Our general health, however, is not given the same level of attention.


In the financial year 2016/2017, the average UK household spent £50.10 per week on restaurants and hotels compared to £7.30 on health.

 Office for National Statistics


We strongly believe that as a nation we need to start taking more responsibility for our health. It is imperative, now more than ever before, that we become more proactive in maintaining our overall wellbeing. Adopting healthy habits including better self-care and relaxation, increased exercise, a healthier diet and better-quality sleep whilst you are still young enough to make significant improvements to your health, will help you maintain wellness into your sixties, seventies and beyond.

The NHS has done a fantastic job over the years of patching us up when things go wrong, but increasingly we are all aware of the pressure it is under. Being proactive with your health and wellbeing might involve spending a little bit of the holiday fund now, but in doing so will ensure you are fit and healthy to enjoy holidays for many more years to come. Health truly is wealth.

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