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Making Space For “Me Time” To Lower Anxiety

Do you find there aren’t enough hours in the day and you‘re becoming increasingly stressed with your long to do list?  Me too!

Since becoming a mum, I have put a lot of pressure on myself to tick everything on my to do list off and I have sacrificed time for myself to get this done. In the past it has left me struggling with terrible anxiety & panic attacks and feeling completely exhausted, it had to stop.

According to Anxiety UK one in 5 people feel anxious a lot of the time while more than half of us are finding that anxiety is affecting us a lot more today than previously.

In my experience once you have let stress & anxiety take control it is very hard to un-do it. For example, I love all the technology we have at our fingertips, but I feel it has a massive effect on how we are spending our free time. How often do you procrastinate in a free 10 minutes scrolling through your Facebook App, comparing your life to the “perfect lives” your friends are living. Have you ever thought how it makes your life feel in comparison afterwards…?

What about in that 10 spare minutes you took some time to reclaim “Me-Time”? I promise you’ll feel refreshed & fulfilled. Here are some of my tried & tested ideas on how to start…

Crack out your kindle – Remember when you could read a whole book in a week or didn’t have to re-read a sentence three times before it went in? Reclaim book time; introduce a 15-minute reading window in your evening routine and take time to escape in that book you’ve been meaning to read since 2013.

Meditation – Many people find the idea of meditation almost scary. However, you don’t have to rush out for the incense sticks and learn the ancient art of chanting. It is just a set time period for you to calm your mind & body, feel refreshed and refocus. Look up Progressive Muscle Relaxation on YouTube, there are many videos on there that help to relieve muscular tension which I find very beneficial.

Night out – Get dressed up & enjoy a night out with a friend you haven’t seen in months or your other half. A few glasses of wine, no cooking & talking about each other. How long has it been?

Join a new class – Some of my friends have started sewing classes, others Yoga or even weight watchers. Being part of a group learning something new is always a good feeling. It’s also a great way to meet new people. Why not use the Tring Buzz Directory for inspiration?

Make it Happen! If like me you like to plan your week (AKA scribbling out your to-do list), take 5 minutes now to schedule your “Me-Time” into your diary. Give yourself a set time & date – that way it will get done, Good Luck!



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