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Another week…another fabulous new Tring business! This week we’re meeting Lucie Monk from Elementary Skin & Body. These guys had a fab beauty business in Berko, but recently relocated to Tring and we already just love ‘em. Tell us all about it Lucie…

Lucie and her team

I see you’ve just celebrated your second birthday — congratulations! What’s it like being two years into running your own business?

Thank you! It’s been nice this year as Robyn, Lisa, Gemma & I have done lots of celebrating. In February, we were celebrating our new home in Tring and 3 months later it’s our birthday — pass the Prosecco! (I mean I don’t need much of an excuse Lucie…)

I have to say it feels a lot longer than two years for me as life’s a lot busier, but I’ve learnt so much and everyday I feel more capable and hopefully I’m hitting my stride now.

What’s been your biggest highlight running the business to date?

For me I’d say it’s more the day to day highlights. I’m now able to pick my son up from school and spend quality time with him. Although I do work a lot of hours and 6 days a week, I can be flexible and work in the evenings, once he’s in bed and the time he’s at school. It’s so hard for working mums to find the balance and I haven’t got it completely covered yet, but knowing I’m spending as much time as I can with him is definitely a highlight. Another highlight for me is my amazing team; Robyn, Lisa & Gemma. Working with a professional, capable team makes such a difference. They offer me support which can be hard to find when you’re running your own business. They’re also really loyal and love what they do, so care about every client and provide treatments to a high standard. They’ve become great friends to me and I couldn’t be without them.

If I had to choose the biggest highlight, it would of course be our move from Berko to Tring. When I found out we had to leave our premises in Berkhamsted, I was worried what the future would hold, however even before we moved to Tring the support was overwhelming both from my team and our loyal clients. On our opening day, we had over 60 visitors to welcome us, which was many more than I had expected. Thank you to our loyal clients & thank you to our new clients. We love being able to offer you a space to relax & unwind whether you’re popping in for a quick eyebrow shape or an indulgent spa treatment.

The peony room

What made you decide to move to Tring from Berko?

Our move did come as a shock to us, but it may actually have been one of the best things that’s happened since taking over the business. I grew up in Berko but recently move to Cheddington, making Tring our nearest town. I love the individuality of the High Street and beautiful country views all around. I had recently joined the Tring Together BusinessMart Networking group which was the friendliest networking event I’d ever been too. I really admired the way each business owner supported other ones in the town and they all have a passion for Tring.

I knew that Tring would be a lovely home for us so I began the search for premises. When I looked at the space on Akeman Street, it was so different from what we were used to but I liked the idea of a completely fresh start and having a salon which was bespoke to us. Of course, the move was difficult, I was very lucky to have the support of my family helping me in the move. It has been a stressful process but after being in Tring for 3 months we’re all incredibly happy and totally settled in.

Obviously we have a few beauty salons in Tring. What’s unique about Elementary?

I’m really pleased to be adding to the offerings of Tring and joining the salons in the area. We’re very lucky in Tring to have so much choice and a high standard of service available. At Elementary, we have always taken the deepest pride in our treatments and product offerings being sure to offer deep knowledge and advice alongside this. As I’ve already said we have a very loyal team who are passionate for their clients & treatments. We instinctively care for our clients and work to improve their lifestyles, whether recommending stretches to aid their back pain in between massage or sending information on self-care tips at home. We provide a bubble of serenity in a busy world, where our clients can come to talk, relax, recharge & feel good about themselves. Our beautiful waiting room provides a space to sit and enjoy A herbal tea and some quiet time before & after treatments and if you want to chat catch up TV with Gemma she’s always ready on reception!! Like us, many local people are turning towards cleaner natural lifestyles, we are able to accommodate this because we focus on natural organic beauty, where as other salons don’t. REN Skincare is our predominant brand offering results driven products with clean ingredients, we currently have 25% Off REN Facials until the end of May in celebration of our birthday.

Rose room

What’s your personal favourite treatment in the salon?

It has to be our CACI (pronounced “kay-see”) facials. I’m getting married in the summer and so this is definitely my go to treatment. Currently I’m having at least one a month focussing on lifting my jaw line, reducing breakouts and promoting radiant skin. I have the Ultimate Rejuvenation Facial with a Jaw Lift, this includes lifting on my jaw line to tighten and define (I’m 25 so I don’t need to much lifting but the difference it has made to my cheek bone definition is really noticeable). It also includes microdermabrasion with light therapy working to deeply exfoliate without leaving my skin sore like traditional microdermabrasion has in the past. My skin is hydrated and clear looking radiant and glowing. The wonderful thing about our CACI Facials is that we can target the treatments to suit the client. Younger skins prone to breakouts can be soothed and cleared, where as mature skins can have a focus on lifting and reducing fine lines. We can make every treatment bespoke to each client to suit their needs, it’s wonderful and after working with CACI for 8 years I know it truly works.

We currently are offering 10% off any treatment you haven’t had before so you can take advantage of this to try a CACI Facial.

View all of our treatments at www.elementaryskinandbody.co.uk

So nice to chat Lucie! A very belated welcome to Tring! You’ve found a wonderful home and we’re happy to have you here.