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The Essential 5…The Pilates House

Good to have you back after the Xmas break…I hope you all had a great time! As many of you no doubt (like me) had a little too much of the good things over the Xmas period, I thought it would be great time to meet some local business people that can help us get in shape, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Starting off we are meeting the very lovely Angella Wagner from The Pilates House. Its an absolute privilege to write about Angella and her business as I have been attending her classes for several years now and also consider her to be a friend. She is one of the most committed and professional people I have had the pleasure to meet, but also one of the funniest…ensuring that attending her classes is never a chore and is in fact worth every penny! So here is her Essential 5:

What is Body Control Pilates and how is it different from regular Pilates?

All Body Control Pilates teachers qualify from the most comprehensive matwork teacher training course available and become members of Europe’s largest Pilates association. This ensures we work to a strict Code of Practice governing class sizes (maximum of 12) and continued education to ensure our knowledge is current and meets ‘best practice’.

Body Control Pilates teachers will not be doing the exercises at the front of the room, except for demos when needed. You’re not paying us to work out; you’re paying us to teach you precision of movement, correct any movements you’re doing wrong and challenge and encourage you to progress. Good precise movement patterns reform your body with the goal of reducing or eliminating back pain.

What made you become a Pilates teacher?

I’d just moved back to the UK from Portugal. I‘d been practicing Body Control Pilates over there and it made my body feel fantastic! I tried lots of different Pilates classes but I really missed the BCP way so I thought, well I’ll just have to teach myself! I studied in London with Lynne Robinson (Pilates royalty) and then started my own business … I’ve never looked back!

What do you love most about teaching?

I love teaching people who’ve never done Body Control Pilates before and then watch their passion for it grow. I still have my original clients, years later. I have clients aged 16 to 73 and it amazes me to see how age really doesn’t matter. As Joseph Pilates said “you’re as old as your spine is flexible!” It’s never too late to start!

What was the biggest challenge setting up your own business?

My biggest challenge was taking that first leap of faith….finding a permanent studio where I could afford the rent and really throwing myself into everything Pilates. I try to give the best class I can each time. I love Pilates but I am not very business minded. Luckily, my clients remind me if they haven’t yet paid!!

What’s it like running a business in Tring?

Tring is a fab place to teach….close to London but still in the beautiful countryside. I am now also bringing a bit of ‘city Pilates’ to Tring with my new reformer classes! Stay tuned for the next chapter…

Angella never stops investing in her business and clients, so I have no doubt she will continue to find new and more challenging ways to work out, stay fit and support our spines.

Thanks for sharing your business story Angella!