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The Essential 5…Puddingstone Distillery

In my search to source interesting local businesses, I was quick to come across the marvellous Puddingstone Distillery and their Campfire Gin. Not only do they have uber cool branding but…well…its gin! Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good gin and tonic?! In fact, currently gin seems to be the drink of the nation. Whether you’re out on the town drinking slick cocktails, or just a weary parent knocking a couple back after the kids have gone to bed….gin is in!

My awe of the amazing business people of Tring and their businesses stories continues…but I have to say a distillery in our town…this has to be at the top of the awesome list!

Here’s their Essential 5:

What inspired you to start the business?

Ben and I had wanted to create a business that we could do together, that revolved around a product but also combined our interest and skills in creating events and branding and most importantly our love of the outdoors. We were inspired to create a gin distillery after I purchased a copy of the Difford’s Guide to Gin and a flavour thesaurus one day while mooching around in Waterstones.

What was your biggest set up challenge?

I supposed there was two key challenges here — finding the right location and raising funds to supplement our own investment. It was very important to us that the distillery was either in Tring or close by. It had to have good existing footfall that we could capitalise on, provide room to grow and enable us to collaborate with other local food businesses. We were very fortunate that our vision for creating a local food hub coincided with Simon Mead’s vision over at P E Mead & Sons Farm Shop in Wilstone, just 5 minutes from Tring.

When it came to raising funds we investigated different options and eventually decided on a rewards based crowdfunding campaign. This not only generated funds to produce our first batch of Campfire Gin but it helped raise our profile and spread the word about Puddingstone Distillery.

Of everything you’ve achieved what makes you feel most proud?

I think that would have to be having created a gin which people are loving and returning to buy not just because we are local but also because they really like it. Having someone tell us it has become their favourite over some other very well-known brands is something we are extremely proud of.

What do you like best about working in Tring?

That’s definitely the people and other local businesses followed by the access to great countryside. The support we have been given by complete strangers is wonderful and quite overwhelming. Through Puddingstone Distillery and Campfire Gin we want to create a local foodie community and work with other local businesses to create events for everyone to enjoy.

What’s the future of Puddingstone Distillery?

In the new year we plan to start work on our Navy Strength Campfire Gin and a wood aged version. We’ll also start planning our seasonal gins. We have lots of ideas in the pipeline and will announce more about those as the business grows!

Such an inspiring story from Ben and Kate. This should be proof to everyone that you really can follow your dreams and make them happen.

See you in the distillery soon!

Puddingstone Distillery opened it’s doors to the public in November 2016. Founded by Tring based husband and wife team Ben and Kate Marston, it is the region’s first operating gin distillery.

Both Ben and Kate have backgrounds in design and marketing with Ben currently heading up marketing at Tring Brewery. Kate has been a graphic designer for the last 20+ years and runs her own design agency, KM Design.

The pair have worked alongside a number of notable industry professionals to bring you their first product, Campfire Gin, which includes ten carefully selected botanicals.

Pitching camp on the boundary between classic and contemporary styles, this gin has a fresh citrus nose which yields to a rich palate with layers of juniper, orange, raisin and subtle chocolate notes before ending on a slightly sweet finish.