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Tring Buzz…the beginning…

Hello Tring and welcome to Tring Buzz.

It's been 7 years since we left the Smoke with the hope of a better life in Tring. If we're honest we took a risk moving to this tiny town as we knew little of it; there was a posh dancing school, a Champneys (surely that shows it's nice?) plus the station was a few miles from the town (hoped there was a bus!). But soon we found a drop dead gorgeous cottage for rent and a decent boozer...what else could we possibly need?! Within weeks of discovering the station of Tring on the Euston line... we became residents of the town.

7 years on and we’ve very much settled into this small but interesting town. In fact 2 very quickly became 3 and then, more recently 4. The priorities for finding a good gastropub have changed to finding a decent park/ school/ well, child friendly anything really. Friday nights are now all about Netflix & chill (or in non-social media speak….Netflix/Gardeners World and drinking wine until you pass out on the sofa…) Rock and roll. But we love it.

From day 1, this town felt special. The combination of the stunning countryside (the drive up the A41 never gets old), the gorgeous Arts & Crafts style buildings, the friendly people and the interesting shops and businesses on the High Street. All this within an hour’s train journey of London. What could be better?

In fact it’s the diverse High Street that in many ways inspires this campaign. In my years of living here I’ve been increasingly impressed by the number, variety and quality of the independent businesses the town has to offer. These businesses are really improving year on year, with new wine bars and coffee houses opening that bring the atmosphere of east London to the calm of our little country town. We really have the best of both worlds.

Its not just the backdrop of our town that’s changing. In my quest to reinvent myself as a Social Media Manager and looking at the possibilities of freelancing I’ve been considering what sort of community will I be part of? Who do you chat to when there’s no one sitting next to you and your only companion is a cat? How do I find essential support businesses to help me grow my business? Are there people out there like me? I wonder; In these days of social media is it possible to create a virtual community that will give me all this…?

So with this thought I commence this campaign to find, discuss and promote our wonderful independent business people of Tring. I intend to source people that both inspire maybe even encourage you to take your first steps into running your own business. This will be community for all business people; whether you have you run an independent, freelance or even just work from home; Get involved. This is social media – we make it happen together. Like, share, upload and comment.

Join me on Tring Buzz on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Lets show the world that in Tring #whoneedsanoffice .